Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Australian Fascist Internet

Not so long ago I was considering declaring Mission Accomplished and leaving Australia to flourish in my absence. Alas, democracy and freedom have not yet taken root there. Quite the opposite: They're killing Gnomaggedon.

The fascist socialist managed economy of Australia has resulted in a stiffling 20gb per month limit. Imagine that. Reminds me a lot of the shortages in oh, the Soviet Union! I wonder what's next.

I'll tell you what's next, resistance! It is time to fight back! Save Gnomeaggedon! Save Australia!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Muslim healthcare: Obama's next step?

As we all know, the Kenyan Muslim who calls himself the President of the United States has a simple agenda: Kill old people, socialize everything, and give terrorists free reign.

Well he's knocking out two birds with one stone: He's allowing Muslims to run free clinics in poor neighborhoods: "guided by the tenants of Islam."

As well all know, you get what you pay for. Well free probably means they just kill the patients. Including the poor old people. Or maybe they convert them.

Imagine that, the ghettos full of disillusioned gangbangers being converted to Islam. They could easily make an army bigger than any Muslim nation. Oh wait no... that's the US army, after Obama called it a Muslim nation.

There we have it, free (socialist) clinics which offer a simple choice: convert or die. All under the watch of Obama.