Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yes, the Tea Party won and now everything is great.

Okay I'm lying. Truth is, for all out talk and corporate support, we didn't exactly sweep the nation. Half our candidates were complete failures. But that's not the real truth.

I started the Tea Party. Not the Australian Tea Party. The American Tea Party. It was a long shot, but what choice did I have? I did it all for one reason: to give Christine O'Donnell a possible shot at the Senate. I needed a trend for her to ride, something which could get her through the Republican primary and into a general election. Once that was done it was guaranteed that she'd make more TV ads.

All I really wanted were more videos of Christine O'Donnell and I got them, so even if the fake political movement failed, I still have a 25 minute ad from her and that's worth all the millions of dollars in foreign money.