Saturday, July 31, 2010

Consitutional Rights are a Myth

Dear American Tea Party,

I keep hearing you talk about defending the core values of the Constitution and in the same breath talk about second amendment rights. Maybe it's just the outsider's perspective I've gained in my time leading the Australian Tea Party, but you all sound a bit silly. I'll just get to the facts.

The amendments are just that, amendments. They are not the core values of the Constitution. In fact, if you had your history straight you'd know that the amendments were added after the fact as a political move. To drum up support they promised to throw in some measures after the fact.

The Bill of Rights is the first earmark. Think about that a bit.

These are the very same tactics used by the Democrats to force through their socialist healthcare bill. Remember Obama's promise to not allow funding for abortions? Oh but then it wasn't okay, was it? You're just fine with politicians messing with the founding principles of our country, scribbling in ten amendments all at once; but when someone tries to preserve human life, you get mad?

Tomorrow I will address the many dangers present in this so-called bill of rights, which in reality only makes us less free.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I was about to declare Mission Accomplished

We'd made so much progress in Australia. And then disaster struck.

Fascists have stuck a virtual real life Jew star on the shoulder of our inspiration: Gnomeaggedon. He has been forced to flee his home of Gnomeregon, an exile when Big Brother started asking too many questions.

So familiar...

First they came for the Facebook kiddies and I said nothing, because I'd stopped using Facebook years ago. Then they came from the gnomes and I am saying something because I know how this poem usually ends.

I wonder if Obama recently bought a few shares of Blizzard stock. That might explain where all that bailout money went.

Fight on!