Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Proof that we need smaller government, always

Ask an American who they think is the greatest President and the odds are good that you'll get someone like Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, or Washington. A moron here and there will say W Bush, who oversaw one of the biggest and most intrusive expansions of government since... FDR? As a tea party supporter I cannot condone that behavior.

But back to the Presidents. Washington comes up a lot, seemingly regardless of political affiliation. People think he was so wonderful. In a way he was: he knew very well the harm from big government and tried, unsuccessfully, to limit it. And he was the problem. Oh? Yes.

George Washington owes thousands of dollars worth of fines along with two books which are not and never were his. Hm... sounds a bit like the Federal government which he helped to found.

Like Founding Father, like Son.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welfare epics are coming

"There are currently no welfare epics in WoW. There is easy to get gear. But none of it is truly free. I say we change that.

Any player who is not in a raid for two weeks in a row should be sent a trophy of the crusade. If they are out of raid for an additional eight weeks (for a total of ten), they should be sent a 5 frost emblems for each week they have been out, counted retroactively, so the initial payment would be 50 frost emblems and then 5 the next week, and so on.

As I write this, hundreds of thousands of players are out of raids. As they spend more and more time away, their emblems are slowly depleted and the random heroics are not sufficient to keep them afloat. Some have suggested raising the 'minimum emblem' of randoms. This is a sound suggestion, but it is insufficient. We must enact support immediately to pull the many non-raiders above the gearscore line, or they may be lost forever. Their gear falls behind, the heroics can't meet their emblem costs, and we end up with yet another neglected and undignified mass of the Gear Score Poor (GSP).

Some would say they should have to make their own way, that handouts will do nothing. That's an easy claim to make when you have a GS of over 5500 and a steady raid. Imagine if you were below the gearscore line and had been for years. What hope is left? That's what this is about: bringing back hope to the hundreds of thousands of neglected GSP.

Maybe some are lazy. But how many have been pushed away due to their class? Not everyone has the ability to reroll to match the nerf trends. To fix this problem, I am suggesting that anyone out of raid for more than 20 weeks be given the experience bonus of 'recruit-a-friend', without needing a friend, to assist them in rerolling to an in-demand class. And how many others have been pushed away by claims of 'racial imbalance', held back for the appearance they chose? For too long the dwarf paladins endured jokes about their gun racial. For too long gnome warriors have asked how that intellect buff is working for them. No more. I propose a race-blind law which makes it bannable for anyone to be denied a raid or instant group on account of their race.

Furthermore, our flight paths are crumbling. I propose a new 'Ahn'Qiraj' event to employ crafters and gathereres and create newer, faster, safer flight paths.

Together we can look towards a better future. Such as tomorrow, when we will enact the first emblem tax, a 5% tax on frost emblems from raids, intended to support the welfare program."

That is the dream of the liberal fascist socialists who are taking over. Do you want to live in that Austramerica? NO! And we will not. We will fight this. Tomorrow, join me in mailing teabags to Ghostcrawler. He might have absolutely nothing to do with anything I just said, but he's visible and it's too much work to actually research who we are attacking.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life's many changes

After a bit of discussion with advising parties, I've decided to make some big changes to my life. Real and virtual.

I see the clouds of media censorship and fascism rolling over Australia. Unchecked, I see no reason why they will not spread. While I don't care the slightest bit about Australians, since they all seem to play Alliance, I am afraid of a domino effect. From Australia it could spread to New Zealand. And that could mean the end of Flight of the Concords. That would ruin the lives of my brothers. I cannot have that.

It is for this reason that I am departing within a few days for Australia to form the Australian Tea Party. For the most part I'm going to stick to the formula of blaming whoever happens to be in power, Hitler mustaches, and not making the slightest bit of sense. I heard you have a Gordon in office. Or maybe that's Britain. I should probably check on that. But whoever he is, he's a fascist. A socialist fascist media-censoring freedom-hating Hitler 2.0.

I'm not sure where I'll stay, but I heard Gnomeaggedon has a house, so I'm going to see if I can hide in his garage.

You might have noticed Obama has been taking off his shirt, as if to suggest he's about to kick some ass. I bet he could. But I'm not going to be outdone by that Kenyan Hussein. I'm going to be down to just my socks. And that means it's business time.

I also mentioned virtual lives. Well, my time as a troll or paladin or troll paladin is over. I'm tired of quest after quest that glorifies violence and makes us out to be heroic victims. I'm rerolling a gnome. A gnome paladin. Those aren't out yet? I know. I guess I'm going to be sitting at the character creation screen for a long time. I can be patient.

Down with the fascist Australian Hitler!