Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Proof that we need smaller government, always

Ask an American who they think is the greatest President and the odds are good that you'll get someone like Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, or Washington. A moron here and there will say W Bush, who oversaw one of the biggest and most intrusive expansions of government since... FDR? As a tea party supporter I cannot condone that behavior.

But back to the Presidents. Washington comes up a lot, seemingly regardless of political affiliation. People think he was so wonderful. In a way he was: he knew very well the harm from big government and tried, unsuccessfully, to limit it. And he was the problem. Oh? Yes.

George Washington owes thousands of dollars worth of fines along with two books which are not and never were his. Hm... sounds a bit like the Federal government which he helped to found.

Like Founding Father, like Son.

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